How can we maintain natural relationships with other beings? 


...glitched sounds composed with local scenes…

...the ambient patterns of a place…

...records of the movements of the sun…

...wisdom shared by a native tree...


The artists in this exhibition all take environmental elements and recontextualize them, generating new interactions. They engage in daily practices with timeless mediums that are considered non-traditional in the contemporary art world — breathwork, music, performance, and poetry. 


They combine materials from their surroundings to create works that contemplate subtle aspects of shared existence. These artworks involve often unseen or unheard forms of communal knowledge. By focusing on these kinds of experiences, they call attention to cyclical means of care.

This exhibition is an evolution of Well Wishes, an online exhibition of artworks that encourage reflection. Both shows communicate a desire for connection during a time of distance. Together, the artworks speak to how we can orient ourselves in the now-common experience of isolated togetherness happening inside and all around us.

Well-Meaning Beings, is an evolving exhibition that started with Well Wishes. The show will be on view from September 2nd to December 11th, 2021. Please visit the physical space if you can, otherwise, we hope to see one another again soon.

Thank you to everyone who made this show possible, and everything that did too.

–Lauren Sorresso, Yang Li, and Yu Jin Sung

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